Hilderstone Parish Council

Hilderstone Parish Council is made up of seven elected members who serve the community for a period of four years. Apart from the Chairman who receives a very modest annual allowance of a few hundred pounds, the Parish Councillors are unsalaried volunteers. They are entitled to claim basic travel and administration expenses, but in Hilderstone they rarely do so.

The Parish Council employs a Clerk/Responsible Officer who attends all council meetings, takes minutes and deals with the day to day administration of parish matters and issues. Please note that the Parish Clerk is only employed for four hours per week between Monday and Friday; so a response to an enquiry may not always be immediate.

Stafford Borough Council and Staffordshire County Council acknowledges that parish councils are the level of local government closest to the people. Both Councils aim to work in partnership with local communities and liaise closely with Parish Councils in order to do this. A County Councillor and a Borough Councillor regularly attend the monthly Parish Council meeting in order to feedback on Local Government matters and deal with any problems the Parish wishes to raise.

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